About us

Association CleanWater4Benin (Switzerland)

  • A non-profit, apolitical organization with no religious affiliation:
  • We work closely with local institutions in Benin to:
    1. Implement and oversee projects aimed at facilitating access to safe drinking water in various parts of the country.
    2. Provide water-related hygiene and sanitation education.
  • We are responsible for the fundraising and the financial management of the project. CleanWater4Benin is also in charge of promoting the project with international donors and maintaining its website.
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Fondation Cœur à Cœur (Bénin)

  • A non-profit, nonpolitical organization based in Benin.
  • Its primary objective is to link members of the Benin diaspora to various parts of the country through socio-economic projects designed to have tangible and immediate impact on employment and small businesses.
  • Fondation  Cœur à Cœur is a founding member of CleanWater4Benin.
  • Fondation Cœur à Cœur is in charge of the site selection and well construction.
  • Responsible for the project  implementation.

Website : www.fondcac.org

Eco-Bénin (Bénin)

  • Beninese nonprofit organization created in 1999. It focuses on promoting local development and eco-tourism projects throughout Benin with the goal of “achieving responsible, fair and cohesive human development”.
  • Role in this project relates to educating the population on “water-related hygiene and sanitation education as well as climate change”.

Website : www.ecobenin.org