Sin Wè Gni gbèto (Adage Fon, Bénin)
No water, no mankind (English Translation)

The project

What are the short-term goals of our project?

Build drinking water wells for five villages in the municipality of Dassa, in central Benin. These five villages are ADJANOUDOHO, d’ASSIYO, de YAWA, de KOZO et d’ABAGON. In the area, there are only three wells for 3’000 inhabitants and 4’000 cattle; this is clearly insufficient. The lack of drinking water regularly leads to violent conflicts between sedentary farmers and nomadic herders living in the region.

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Why building 100 Wells?

a quarter of Beninese have no access to clean water (UNDP)

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Advocacy Committee

It supports the activities of the association and contributes to its influence.

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Fondation Cœur à Cœur

A non-profit, nonpolitical organization based in Benin. It is responsible for the project implementation

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Role in this project relates to educating the population on “water-related hygiene and sanitation education as well as climate change.”

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About Us


  • A non-profit, apolitical organization with no religious affiliation
  • We work closely with local institutions in Benin to implement and oversee projects aimed at facilitating access to safe drinking water in various parts of the country. Provide water-related hygiene and sanitation education

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Dispaches from Fofo Bernard

The Sacred Pond of Gobada (Savalou)

The Sacred Catfish Pond of Dékammè in the village of Gobada (Savalou District) is a true local institution. It will never dry up as long as locals adhere to its strict rules such as the prohibition to catch any catfish. She is the Village Matriarch because she predates everyone and was used to wash every newborn. She had been there well before any of the village residents was born. Gobada’s soil is made of granite as well as white granular sand that are used in building and road construction.

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