Our organization

Our Mission

We work closely with local institutions in Benin to:

  • Implement and oversee projects aimed at facilitating access to safe drinking water in various parts of the country.
  • Provide water-related hygiene and sanitation education.

How we are structured

  • The Advocacy Committee: Consists of a select group of renowned or highly skilled individuals who will support and promote the activities of CleanWater4Benin.
  • The General Assembly (GA): It is the ultimate authority within the organization. It consists of all active members. The GA elects the members of the Executive Committee and Audit Committee.
  • General Membership: Individuals or legal entities that are involved in the delivery of the organization’s activities without being an active member.
  • The Executive Committee (EC): Leads the organization and is responsible for taking necessary actions to further the objective of the organization. The EC consists of the president, the treasurer and the secretary.
  • The Audit Committee (AC): Consists of 2 auditors and a trustee. Both auditors insure that funds are utilized to achieve the goals of the organization. The Trustee is responsible for insuring compliance.

The Current Executive and Audit Committees

  • Mr. Akimou Ossé (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), President
  • Mr. Kpate Adjaouté (Lausanne, Suisse), Treasurer
  • Mrs Eva Roos (Neuchâtel, Suisse), Secretary
  • Mr. Pierre-Henri Poisson (Paris, France), Auditor
  • Mr. Vital Yededji (Richmond, USA), Auditor

The Trustee

Fiduciare Eric Monard
Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert
Rouges-Terres 51, 2068 HAUTERIVE (Suisse)

Documents utiles

The Statutes of the Association (in French)
Extract from the Swiss Commercial Register (in French)